We Love the Water

Cherishing Every Moment

When we aren't designing, engineering and manufacturing world-class boat components, we're on the water. From our CEO to our engineering department to the manufacturing plant floor, our staff is comprised almost entirely of boating enthusiasts. When something in a boat works well - or doesn't - our people know it first because we spend so much time on the water.

Made in America

The decision to design, engineer and manufacture our products in the U.S has allowed us to produce a higher quality product, shorter lead time for our customers and provide jobs and opportunities for people here in the U.S. At PTM Watersports, we love America and we make it a priority to blend sound business practices with patriotic principle

Built to Last 

We are the world-wide leader in providing billet aluminum products to the marine industry. We design, engineer and manufacture all of our products under one roof to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product in a timely manner. We have invested heavily in our finishing department to ensure that our products will last for years of maintenance-free use. We don't just make products for the marine industry, we strive to provide a high-performance boating experience.