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2 easy steps - Housing & Bracket
Think of our windshield mount mirror systems as a 2-piece assembly.
(1) The first piece of the assembly is the mirror housing. Our Elite system utilizes an anodized aluminum housing, and our Pro and Standard systems utilize a UV resistant polymer housing. The functionality of each is the same, you're selecting for overall look and feel of the product.
(2) The second piece of the assembly is the bracket that mounts to your windshield. Our Standard mirror system uses a carbon fiber composite bracket, which is a one-size-fits-all solution. We provide shims so that the bracket wraps around your windshield with a snug fit. Our Pro and Elite mirror systems are made from custom machined aluminum that fits perfectly around your specific windshield without shims. The different brackets series (300, 320, 360, 361) correspond to different windshield profiles, so you'll need to be sure you select the right one for your boat. Click on one of the product pages to find our "find your bracket" tool, which will tell you which series goes with your boat.

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