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Having a second set of eyes on your kids while towing them in any variety of watersports is inherent parental responsibility. The prescription grade optics provide unparalled viewable range...we've never seen a mirror like this.

Alan Wendt
IBEX Innovation Award Judge

The biggest thing I like is the fact that I can see the rider when they go to cut out, and I can see their whole progression all the way through their trick... this is definitely the best option on the market.

Cobe Mikacich
Pro Wakeboarder and Coach

It [the mirror] has revolutionized the way we coach... I'm able to keep my vision down the lake, but I can still see the skier go through all 6 buoys of the course without ever turning my vision away from my path.

Wade Cox
Pro Slalom Coach

The image stays clear when I'm watching my rider. It's not jiggly or blurry, it's just really clear and I can see my rider the whole time they are on the water.

Tarah Mikacich
Pro Wakeboarder and Coach

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